Witness undying love, master pieces of Mughal era, splendid Monuments, sufis of Fatehpur Sikri and a rich local culture.

Zui Travels, take you through the journey of creation of Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which still continues to hold the same magical appeal.

At Agra, witness of Love and Power of Mughal Era; Know more about Taj Mahal – stories of love and strength of its architecture; Discover hidden master pieces of Shish Mahal (the Glass Palace), Baby Taj (Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah); experience being lost in the Kinari Bazar’s streets and its treasure; Experience local food as locals.


Delhi Agra Jaipur

Modern Agra was founded by Sikandar Lodhi

Delhi Agra Jaipur

Eight million tourists visit the taj mahal each year

Delhi Agra Jaipur

22000 Labours worked for 22 years to build the taj mahal

More than 25 Marvellous Monuments:

-Agra Fort, Babur’s Baoli And Overhead Tanks, The Bengali Mahal, Ghaznin-Gate,

-The Meena Masjid, The Khas Mahal (Aramgah) &AnguriBagh, MuthammanBurj (Shah-Burj&Jharokha), Nagina Masjid, Shahi Hamman and Water Supply System, Shajahani Mahal,

-The Shish Mahal (The Glass-Palace), Subterranean Apartments &Phansighar,

-Akbar’s Tomb Sikandra, ChiniKaRauzah, EtmadudDaulah, Hessing’s Tomb, Humayun’s Mosque, Kaanch Mahal, Kafur Mosque, Lodhi Tomb, MariyumZamani’s Tomb, MehtabBagh, Ram Bagh, Salawat Khan’s Tomb and Tomb of Firoz Khan Khwajasara.